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Influencer Marketing in 2023


What will you learn in this report?

Trends report EN cover 2022

In a dynamic market where growth is constantly rising, professionals must keep abreast of upcoming trends over the next 12 months.

In this report, we want to give professionals all the key points to building creative, immersive, differentiating and successful Influencer Marketing campaigns for the upcoming year.

Also, to know the predictions and trends that will mark 2023 and shake up our ways of communicating and reaching audiences in the long term. Concentrated analysis and expertise that can be followed to guide each brand throughout the year.

What will you find in this report :


1. Influencer Marketing market: now mature but still growing in 2023

A. The Influencer Marketing market will increase at least twofold by 2023

B. The internalization of Influencer Marketing is confirmed

C. Unification of Influencer Marketing KPIs within organizations

D. The use of APIs is the key point of 2023 for brands’ Influence strategies

2. Quality rather than quantity

A. Towards more quality and less volume in the campaigns

B. No more bots on social media?

3. Rationalization of Influencer Marketing costs

A. Performance-based compensation for KOLs in Europe

B. Towards attribution modeling for KOLs in the marketing mix

4. Influencer Marketing will continue to improve in 2023 thanks to the responsible and humanistic vision

A. The vision of a more responsible influence is gaining ground in Europe

B. The human element at the heart of the Influencer Marketing business

5. The Social Media war on the Creator Economy

A. NFT, Reels and Paid Media, Meta refocuses its strategy for 2023

B. Will 2023 be the year of YouTube?

C. Is TikTok in danger?

D. Twitch continues its ascent and gains a few places

E. Is LinkedIn the new destination for B2B campaigns?

NFT LP Trends
twitch LP Trends
TikTok LP trends

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