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Influencer Marketing in the Beauty Industry in 2023


Key Figures, Major Players, Share of Voice, Top Influencers & Inspiring Campaigns

What will you learn in this report ?

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Today, and more than ever in the upcoming months, beauty is a question of authenticity and personalization in services and offerings. The trend is towards beauty products that truly adapt to the specific needs of each individual, respect the environment and promote a positive body image. The development of technology has also facilitated the emergence of innovative new product formats, remote skin diagnostics and 3D-printed beauty products, offering consumers a unique and personalized beauty experience

The world of beauty and influence in 2023 is more diverse, inclusive and consumer-centric than ever. It offers new opportunities for brands and influencers who adapt and innovate to meet changing consumer expectations.

Find out in this report how to use trends in the beauty industry to reach new, engaged and environmentally conscious audiences.

What will you find in this report :

1. The Beauty Sector: Influence in Figures

Key figures for beauty industry brands (all segments) worldwide
Key figures for make-up brands worldwide
Key figures for «Skincare» brands worldwide
Key figures for «Haircare and accessories» brands worldwide
Key figures for fragrance brands worldwide
2. Social Platforms, Influencer Marketing and Key Figures: The Beauty Market in 2023
3. Responsible Influence at the Heart of the Beauty Industry
 4. Instagram, YouTube and TikTok: How Are Social Platforms Impacting the Beauty Industry?

Instagram and the Get Ready With Me (#GRWM) Format

The Tutorial Format at the Heart of Beauty Brands’ YouTube Strategies
TikTok, Gen Z and Beauty
5. Top 5 Beauty KOLs to Watch in 2023
6. Beauty: 3 Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns to Inspire in 2023!
Beauty report 2023 skincare
Beauty report 2023 perfume
Beauty report 2023 hair

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