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What will you learn in this report?

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At Kolsquare, we believe strongly that KOL marketing has immense power to positively impact the world. We want to use all our resources — our tech, our voice, our tribe — to inspire positive change both within our industry and broader society.

But we also know that KOL marketing has an image problem. Very often, when people first hear the term ‘social media influencer’, the excesses of our industry are what immediately comes to mind. We want that to change. Working to define and implement Responsible Influence is a building block to a safer online environment for the next generations.

What will you find in this report :


1. Defining Responsible Influence for your business,
2. Identify KOLs that align with your values and commitments,
3. Be transparent and authentic!

4. Knowledge is power,

5. Environmental sustainability,
6. How Responsible is your Influence? Take the quizz !

7. How does Kolsquare define Responsible Influence?

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