Influencer Marketing in 2021: vision, projections and trends


Kolsquare unveils the report on the Influencer Marketing and Social Media trends for 2021. This document comprises more than 30 interviews with experts of this sector, KOLs, professional associations and social networks that depict the challenges and breakthroughs for this evolving sector.

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Some of the key elements in this report are: 

Influencer Marketing Trends:
  • Influencer marketing professionals: Getting the right picture
  • Emotion, a new metric to make your influencer marketing campaigns shine
  • Earned Media Value: the key impact indicator?
  • KOLs and the pre-campaign phase
  • Brand-Influencer relationship: the key to a well-thought-out strategy.
  • Transparency will be essential for progress in the Influencer Marketing sector
  • Customers are becoming the new KOLs
  • Micro-influencers or rather Alpha Consumers?
  • Analysis and modelling to enhance influencer marketing
  • 2021 will be Gaming, not Lifestyle
  • Employee advocacy: a surprising Influencer Marketing strategy
  • Greater KOL engagement for more relevant campaigns
  • Could virtual KOLs be the future of Influencer Marketing?
  • KOLtent Factory: an extra boost for campaigns on social media

Social Media Trends: 

  • Social commerce: the next big thing
  • In 2021, KOLs go live even while they shop
  • TikTok woos advertisers in France
  • Payment vs. Partnership: social media have made their choice
  • Triller, TikTok’s intriguing rival
  • Endless possibility for creators on social media
  • What can young KOLs on social media teach us?

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