Influencer Marketing in 2022:

Insights, projections and trends

In this study, we wished to give professionnals the keys to build creative and performing Influencer Marketing campaigns for the twelve months to come. Furthermore, we will address 2022 predictions and trends that will deeply change our ways of communicating and reach audiences onthe long term. An analysis and expertise concentrate in a booklet which will follow and guide any brand all year long.

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Key elements to be found in this analysis: 

Influencer Marketing in 2022: between responsibility, internalization & data

  • Data-driven: the power of data at the heart of Influencer Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing gets more responsible
  • The internalisation of Influencer Marketing

Social platforms at the heart of social commerce

  • TikTok: between a searing rise and a new advertising approach
  • The spurt of Social Selling, Live Shopping and affiliation programs
  • Social platforms and KOLs: towards new monetization models

Towards authentic, engaging and groundbreaking formats

  • Social Audio
  • Snack Video Content
  • Metaverse & virtual reality 

Brands x KOLs in 2022

  • Long-term partnerships at the center
    of brands’ collaborations with KOLs
  • Virtual KOLs: the new 2022 influencer strategy for brands?

Social platforms to prioritize in 2022

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitch
  • LinkedIn

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