Influence marketing in the Hotel & Travel sectors in 2021

This report analyzes the data of 1.8 million Kolsquare influencers, including +190,000 profiles and travel-related hashtags specific to the travel sector on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter.

Social networks have become a source of inspiration and it actively participates in travellers' purchasing decisions. Discover the ranking of the companies that are reshaping the travel industry in 2021 plus the trends for next year.

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Key elements to be found in this analysis:

Focus Kolsquare Data 
  • Travel Influence in 2021,
  • Instagram, a must-have network for tourism,

Travel brands: top performers on social media

  • Ranking of hotels,
  • Ranking of travel companies,

Tiktok & Pinterest, the new travel networks

  • Pinterest, the ultimate inspiration network,
  • TikTok, to entertain and communicate differently,

2021-2022 Trends: responsible and inspired tourism

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