Influencer Marketing Budgets in 2021/2022

Kolsquare presents this document devoted to the budgetary question for Influencer Marketing in 2021/2022, this is a central point of reflection for many players in the sector who wonder about the measures of success, performance and effectiveness of their campaigns to boost their ROI.

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Key elements to be found in this analysis :
  • Overview: The Influencer Marketing market in 2021,
  • Influence marketing pyramid: between strategic objectives and key KPIs
  • Setting your objectives :
    • Brand image,
    • Visibility and awareness,
    • Acquisition and conversion,
    • Credibility.
  • What rates to pay influencers in 2021/2022?
    • Budgets from simple to double: which elements to take into account?
    • Average rates per type of KOL, per post and per social network.
  • 7 key features for your Influencer Marketing campaigns
  • The 4 mistakes to (absolutely) avoid for your next campaigns

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