Influencer Marketing at the heart
of the entertainment sector's revival

Kolsquare aims to provide entertainment professionals with the tools, insights and trends they need to boost their visibility and sales through Influence Marketing.

Between an overview of the 2021 figures for the gaming, audiovisual, music and publishing industries, a look at the 2022 trends, a top of the industry players and best practices, you will have a turnkey solution to successfully run your influencer marketing campaigns.

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Among the key takeaways to be found in this analysis:
Focus Data Kolsquare: Influencer and entertainment in 2021
  • The audiovisual industry in figures
  • The gaming industry in figures
  • The music industry in figures
  • The publishing industry in figures

Share of voice, the top performers on the networks

  • Top Audiovisual
  • Top Gaming
  • Top Music
  • Top Publishing

Audiovisual, music, publishing, gaming: Industry trends on social networks to know in 2022

  • Gaming is at its best on Twitch and Youtube
  • TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, Youtube,...: the new revival of publishing in 2022
  • Social platforms at the service of the music industry
  • Social media will reshuffle the deck in broadcasting in 2022
Influence Marketing for the entertainment industry: an overview of successful campaigns and best practices


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