Influencer Marketing:

an essential growth lever for DNVBs (Digital Native Vertical Brands)

DNVBs are not just brands that have developed exclusively through a presence on the Internet: they are also highly innovative in their approach to distribution, product creation and promotion. They reign supreme in Influencer Marketing; Instagram is their favorite playground and the video formats used by their KOLs are predominant.

How do they seduce their customers? What is the place of influencer marketing in their marketing mix? What kind of KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) do they work with? How do they create their Influencer Marketing campaigns? On which social platforms are they present?

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Key elements to be found in this analysis :
  • Overview & key figures of DNVBs in Europe and worldwide
  • Understanding DNVBs
    • Characteristics & specificities of DNVBs,
    • A "customer centric" strategy,
  • DNVBs on social platforms 
    • Instagram, the winning strategy,
    • TikTok, Pinterest, Youtube: DNVBs on other social networks, what does it look like? 
  • DNVBs, champions of storytelling, authenticity and engagement
    • Brand image, at the heart of DNVBs ' communication strategy,
    • The choice of nano and micro-influencers,
    • UGCs, the key of DNVBs,
  • Co-creation x DNVBs x Social networks
  • Brand Ambassadors Programs

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